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"Krakowdiscovery - Auschwitz tours" will offer you extra discount if you book more than one tour with us. We will give you 10% discount for additional trips it`s mean second or third trip will be included 10% off. We'll set all the details of special offer for you during the confirmation contact and get even 10% off. So don't wait, book at one or more trips and save your money.

Krakowdiscovery - Auschwitz tours" lower your price for our services if you will take your friends/family with yourself . Every next (more then 4 people) reduce your cost of services by what we are unrivaled in the market.

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Special offers

"Auschwitz tour - Krakow Discovery" has prepared some really easy to get discounts. Try out one of our special offers to save your money!

Take your friends with you! The bigger your grup will be the less each one of you will pay!

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